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GH1 Electric Inductance Close Switch
GH2 Electric Capacity Close Switch
GH7 Safe Explosion-proof Switc
GH9 Simulating Capacity Sensor
GH1 Bearing High Temperature
GH1 Bearing High Pressure Sensor & Driving Measuring Online Device
GH4 Hall & Magnetism Sensor
GH6 Electrical Cam Controller
GH3 Photoelectricity Switch
GH8 Hot Metal Measuring Instrument
GH3 Optic Curtain & Optic Fibre Sensor
GHT Receiving Plug-in Package System
GH5 Solid Relay
GHF Special Electronic Element for Weaving Machine
GHPK Series Two-grade Leaning Running Switch
GHLS Series Two-way Pull Switch
GHFLS Series Two-way Pull Switch
GHSJ-I  Type Speed Controlling Instrument
GHSL System Vertical Laniating Measuring Instrument
GHLL-II Type Material-flowing Measuring Device
GHLW90 Type Material-location Measuring Instrument
GHLM-I Type Slip-Trough Jam Measuring Instrument 
GHWS-A Type Sewerage Pump Auto-controlled Device

  Roll Automatic

Zhejiang Guanghe Electric Apparatus Co.,ltd is specialized in sensor and electronic equipment products of industry,which is relatively large in scale in the domestic counterparts.We research,develop and progress automatic products.As for plant automatic applied sensor of high tech,photoelectricity switch,adjacence switch,ultrasonic switch and fluid location control,process automatic apply safe bar and anti-explode system,solid relay products,we have extraordinary research and can offer excellent quality products.
CH series sensor is absolutely necessarily key components in automatic industry and is applied widely various kinds of machinery,machine lathe manufacturing and weave,tobacco,metallurgy, mine,electric power,paper making,light industry,chemical industry,ensure public security,shipping,architecture,subway,food industry,aviation industry,automobile industry,communication transportation industry,etc,all trades and professions.It have enormous function in improving the dependability and advance with systematic automatic control such as limiting location,localization inspection,automatic count-taking,speed measuring,auto-safeguard,sending signal,signal transferring,insulation.
It is the new type transportation strap protector products that Guanghe company put out latest that deserved to mention are:
run-partial switch,draw-rope switch,vertical lancinating inspector,sliding inspecting device,auto-rectify deviation device,material current inspect,slide jam inspector and more series of shielding products that are applied widely in trading alteration,for example: mine,metallurgy,electric power,transportation,and share good remarks.
The sensor products of Guanghe can substitute abroad common products,and are exported to Southeast Asia,Australia,Africa,it is also on the domestic top level.We provide the most excellent sale and after-sale service,including design and transform automatic equipment and programming service for customers.The products are manufactured according strictly to national GB/T4048.10 standard,and have firstly passed ISO-9002 international quality system certification in counterparting trade.The products also can assure dependability of user's automatic control system.The enterprise was authorized by the local government with the titles of first class enterprise of "abide by the contract and keep credit ",key leading enterprise, the specially excellent enterprise.


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