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GH1 Electric Inductance Close Switch
GH2 Electric Capacity Close Switch
GH7 Safe Explosion-proof Switc
GH9 Simulating Capacity Sensor
GH1 Bearing High Temperature
GH1 Bearing High Pressure Sensor & Driving Measuring Online Device
GH4 Hall & Magnetism Sensor
GH6 Electrical Cam Controller
GH3 Photoelectricity Switch
GH8 Hot Metal Measuring Instrument
GH3 Optic Curtain & Optic Fibre Sensor
GHT Receiving Plug-in Package System
GH5 Solid Relay
GHF Special Electronic Element for Weaving Machine
GHPK Series Two-grade Leaning Running Switch
GHLS Series Two-way Pull Switch
GHFLS Series Two-way Pull Switch
GHSJ-I  Type Speed Controlling Instrument
GHSL System Vertical Laniating Measuring Instrument
GHLL-II Type Material-flowing Measuring Device
GHLW90 Type Material-location Measuring Instrument
GHLM-I Type Slip-Trough Jam Measuring Instrument 
GHWS-A Type Sewerage Pump Auto-controlled Device

  Roll Automatic


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Post:市场营销经理   Demand Number: 1    [2003-8-8 19:57:30]
Recruit Requirement: 大专以上,有营销策划经验。 Apply
Post:市场营销员   Demand Number: 若干    [2003-8-8 19:56:24]
Recruit Requirement: 熟悉营销工作,有市场开拓精神。 Apply
Post:物流管理经理   Demand Number: 1    [2003-8-8 19:53:40]
Recruit Requirement: 大专以上,有大中型工业企业物流管理经验。 Apply
Post:机械工程师   Demand Number: 2    [2003-8-8 19:53:11]
Recruit Requirement: 大专以上,有生产和设计经验,能主持新产品项目开发。会CAD制图。 Apply
Post:企业管理助理   Demand Number: 1    [2003-8-8 19:52:31]
Recruit Requirement: 大专以上,熟悉现代企业运营机制,有较强的组织与协调能力。 Apply

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